The Jute Nouveau Collection features a delicate balance of intricate design and natural fibers including wrapped jute cord, jute brush fringe, hand-wrapped jute lace-like banding, hand-wrapped jute ball fringe, wide jute scroll tape, and hand-wrapped jute ball multi-strand holdbacks.  Available in 5 different colorways. These new items are not in the pricebook so feel free to login to the online pricebook to find a separate price sheet.

Sample Board Available for Purchase – SD0079

C6106  .25” Wrapped Jute Welt Lipped Cord
G0521  2″ Jute Brush Fringe
G0524  1.75″ Hand-Wrapped Jute Lace-Like Banding
G0528  2″ Wide Jute Scroll Tape
G0622  1.5″ Hand-Wrapped Jute Ball Fringe
T9325 30” Hand-Wrapped Jute Ball Multi-Strand Holdback w/ 3.5” Loops

Colorways: BU=Green/Blue, OM=Oatmeal, TI=Cafe Au Lait, NB=Bark Brown, SR=Shrimp