D’Kei Inc. is a wholesale trim company that is well known in the industry for its supply of decorative nail heads. D’Kei offers six different sample boards of unique upholstery tacks, designer nailheads, and colored jeweled nailheads that can be purchased for display in showrooms, upholstery shops and designer workrooms.
The Designer’s Choice I and II (SA7360 and SA7370) nail head trim sample boards complement one another. These two sample boards are by far the most popular. If you currently do not own any of these sample boards, then these are the two to purchase first. These are must haves for detailing and designing headboards, furniture pieces, carpet edging, and wall designs.
If you are looking for a little bit larger diameter nail or more unique designs and shapes then the Black Diamond (SA7350) sample board is just what you are looking for. The Black Diamond sample board offers nails that are as large as 1 5/8″ diameter.
The Old West Collection (SA7340B) sample board is very popular in the Southwest market. The Old West offers a variety of designs in many different nail head trim finishes.
The newest addition to our decorative nail head trims is the Jeweled Nailhead (SA7380) sample board. The HJ201 nail series is 1/2″ in diameter and is by far our best seller. These colored gem nails have endless possibilities. The crystal jewels have been used as accents on designer walls, furniture pieces, tile backsplashes, and cornice boards. All designs are available in two finishes, either antique gold or silver, and can be produced in all seven colors displayed. Add bling to your upholstery trim project!
The new Starlock fastening tool allows you to fasten any decorative nailhead to a soft treatment.
Call D’Kei customer service to order these decorative nailhead sample boards, purchase the product, or for help with any questions you may have. Call 800-535-3534.